We are more than halfway through 2017.  What happened to the resolutions that you made at the beginning of the year?  Did you accomplish them?  Are you satisfied with your progress?  What about other (non-resolution) goals you have for yourself?  Are you achieving what you want?  Are you making the changes in your life that are clearly important?  Or the ones that seem less important, but are of personal significance?

Often people are motivated to make changes at pivotal times in their life.  These include key times like a graduation, starting a new job or business venture, the beginning of a new year, upon the beginning of a new relationship, when relocating, or contrarily when a relationship, venture, opportunity, or job ends.  But why wait?  A person must not have to wait for a pivotal moment in their life to occur to make the decision to start making important changes.  And ideally, you will start making changes long before you reach a critical point.

Don’t Delay Help for Your Mental Health

When it comes to your mental health, it is also the case that the longer you wait, the more likely it is that the problems you are experiencing will have intensified, be more severe and challenging, and treatment will take longer.  Waiting (i.e., putting off your happiness and success) often does not equate to the problems going away.

Many patients and people in general try the approach of “if I wait it out, this [fill in the blank – problems, thoughts, emotions, struggle] will just go away.”  Most of the time, this is 100% false.  In fact, most of the time, the problems escalate and become much more difficult to move past.

Putting off your mental health is akin to breaking a bone and not going to the hospital to get the bone set.  If you were to not go to the doctor for the broken bone, the bone may heal, but it is likely to heal improperly, which means having to live with a lot of pain.  To correct this, the only option would be having to later have the bone broken again and then reset, which involves much more time and pain.  This is similar to emotional and mental pain; you may “heal” but in an ineffective way, or not fully, and the only way to correct this will possibly involve more emotional struggling and pain.

We Are Here to Help

At Tampa Therapy, we strive to provide a relaxing environment with acceptance, open-mindedness, and non-judgment.  We would love to help you make significant changes in your life, or even work steadfastly to maintaining that balance that you are already possess.  Whatever the reason, give us a call.  Remember, there are many reasons why people seek therapy.  But putting off your mental health and delaying getting help simply does not work.

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