Sometimes I receive calls from potential clients asking about my psychological and educational testing services, and then asking about omitting measures or doing an “abbreviated” testing protocol – simply to save money. While I can certainly understand the want or need to save money, this is not the area or reason to do it.

Really, no aspect of your mental, emotional, or physical healthcare is worth saving money at risk of not knowing or treating the full diagnostic picture.

Not only is it not suggested to cut out measures for this purpose, it is in no way best practice for a psychologist to administer a protocol that is short simply for the purpose of cutting cost. The determination of what assessments should be included in a psychological testing battery should be based upon what information will help to yield the most accurate diagnostic information.

The value of psychological testing was discussed in this previous blog. To add onto that discussion, sometimes clients will call and inquire about whether they can get reduced cost psychological testing done if we cut out certain measures from the protocol. It is part of my job as a psychologist and provider to explain that the measures that are included are not there to be extraneous tasks, but rather they are included because they are important in yielding important diagnostic information.

Every Testing Case is Different

The protocol for every patient and their presenting testing concern can look very different. It is important to understand that the psychologist has chosen the particular test battery for your testing case based on the information that needs to be assessed, examined, and corroborated. To take away an assessment to simply reduce cost is likely to be counter to your goals – which, are likely to be to determine a specific set of strengths, weaknesses, or an understanding of symptoms or problematic behavior(s).

You Get What You Pay For

As we discussed in the previous blog, psychological testing is by no means an inexpensive endeavor. That is, again, because it involves a very specific, advanced, and nuanced skill set that licensed psychologists go to school for years to learn how to do.

Just as with other things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to the quality of services received in the mental health field.

Any skilled, knowledgeable, and ethical psychologist who performs psychological testing will not undermine their services, license, or reputation by cutting out measures to save you money. Likewise, the same type of psychologist (which most are!) will not add extraneous measures to hike up the price. By large, it is safe to say that the testing measures and cost quoted are for good reason (because that is what is needed to reasonably and effectively yield diagnostic information.

It’s not about saving money after all, it’s about getting the most value for your needs, and that means having all available information to make strong diagnostic conclusions.

We Can Help

At Tampa Therapy, we provide various psychological testing services, including diagnostic assessment, educational assessment (LD, ADHD, gifted or IQ testing), personality assessment, and PTSD/trauma-specific assessment. The value of testing is endless. It can be validating, reinforcing, eye-opening, and most importantly, life-altering. Whatever your reason, give us a call to discuss your interest in receiving an evaluation.  Dr. Barbash is a trained and licensed psychologist who is experienced in providing psychological testing.  At Tampa Therapy, we are committed to providing a relaxing, healing, and non-judgmental environment to support you on your journey.  If you want things to be different, you have to change them.  Give us a call today to start the process of obtaining greater self-understanding and making important changes in your life.

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