It is finally here!

All Marriage Things Considered: The Comprehensive Premarital Workbook to Prepare for Marriage

Here at Tampa Therapy, we receive multiple new requests for premarital therapy appointments each week. Some individuals are surprised at the cost of premarital sessions (which are the same as a regular therapy session since after all, they are therapy sessions and this is a psychology practice!) in comparison to what the fee may be at a religious setting such as a church, temple, etc.

However, note the difference: We at Tampa Therapy are educated, trained, licensed, and experienced to provide therapy. This is typically not the case with clergy counselors. 

If you are looking for premarital services rooted in a psychological and therapeutic background, are in a same-sex relationship, or interfaith relationship, then meeting with a mental health professional is more ideal for you and your partner.

In consideration of the demand for premarital services and the need for a more low-cost option, I made the decision some time ago to write a comprehensive workbook that would allow couples to obtain these services for a low, affordable pricein the comfort of their own home, and at their own pace. This workbook was written to mirror the type of discussions that we would have in my office if you and your partner came in for premarital sessions.

What’s Inside

The workbook includes sections on effective communication, conflict resolution, family relationships, parenting and children, personality, finances, intimacy, and religion and spirituality.

This workbook will take you through core relationship areas and delve into issues you may not have yet thought about or encountered in your relationship. If you want to learn more about your partner, or even test your knowledge of your relationship and your mate, this is the right workbook for you.

Why I Wrote the Book

This book has a value of $660 (what four premarital sessions in our office normally costs) but will only you $25.99; we kept the price very low to ensure we could expand our reach to those who can’t make it to our office for face-to-face appointments for a variety of reasons. And, we wanted to ensure this resource was accessible to anyone looking to complete premarital work.

Premarital work is some of the most important marriage preparation you can do. After all, research has shown that participating in premarital work lowers the chance of separation or divorce by 30%.

What are you waiting for?

If you have contacted us for premarital therapy services, but never scheduled an appointment and are looking to still complete that important premarital work, this workbook is for you. The workbook can be purchased by following the link below:

All {Marriage} Things Considered is now available to be purchased on our website for the low introductory price of $25.99. 

The workbook is also used as a supplement to the premarital process. If you attend premarital sessions in my office, we will use this workbook along the way. Lastly, perhaps you aren’t planning to get engaged or married, but you know a couple who is – this book is for them! Please share this valuable resource with others who may benefit from it.


Note: This workbook is intended to be a valuable self-guided resource or supplement to a face-to-face therapy process. It is not intended to be used for self-diagnosis nor taken as a substitute for good individual personal professional medical attention or therapy sessions. It is the responsibility of the individual and/or couple to seek professional assistance if difficulties arise.

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