Engaging in psychotherapy is some of the most intense, challenging, emotional, but rewarding and beneficial work you will ever do. When you attend and actively participate in therapy, you are working on bettering yourself. This means bettering your relationships, work, and home life, as well.

At the core, therapy is about learning how to deal with things (i.e., LIFE) differently. You learn how to identify and implement boundaries, think more realistically and grounded, work through unresolved or longstanding emotional difficulties, improve your mindset and relationships, and become the best you possible. 

Not Necessarily a Quick Process

Given the tremendous impact that therapy can have on your life, and how it simultaneously is shaped by and impacts all areas of your life, it is no wonder that therapy is not necessarily a quick fix.

Particularly as you age, but still the case throughout life, how could a handful of therapy sessions help you to fully resolve long-standing problems? It is important to be realistic about what therapy can and cannot do for you. For more information on this, read our article on realistic expectations for growth and change.

Therapy can significantly help you and benefit you, but it is not usually a quick fix and it takes patience as well as active involvement.

Therapy Doesn’t Have to be long, Either

While we believe in staying realistic that therapy is not a quick fix, especially in the instance of complex or long-standing issues, this doesn’t mean it has to take many months or years. At Tampa Therapy, we are particularly committed to providing evidence-based treatments, which tend to be shorter term and effective. All of our therapists practice from an approach based on finding solutions and addressing our client’s goals.

Prioritizing goals is one method to seeing results in therapy, and to realizing those results more quickly. However, remember that humans are complex beings who don’t have only one aspect of life that is being affected or affecting them. As such, you may resolve one goal and then discover there are other things in your life that need to be addressed.


At Tampa Therapy, we are here to help you regain your quality of life and make changes that will benefit you in ways you can measure, and realistically, in some that you cannot.

Whatever the reason, give us a call.  Remember, there are many reasons why people seek therapy. Professional mental health assistance can greatly benefit you in many ways, including making important changes in your life.

We are committed to providing therapy and counseling services in a comfortable, relaxing, encouraging, and non-judgmental environment to yield the most realistic and best outcomes.  Give us a call or email us today to schedule an appointment.

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