The importance of consistent and frequent appointments

Sometimes we get requests from clients to be seen every three weeks, or even once a month. As an ethical and effective therapy practice who wants you to see and experience positive results, we are not able to offer this appointment schedule. This is because appointments at this level of infrequency will not provide the outcomes you are looking for and will not yield meaningful and lasting change.

Positive, effective, and lasting outcomes of therapy are not related to the overall duration of treatment, but to the consistency and frequency of treatment (i.e., how consistently and frequently you attend appointments). This is especially the case at the beginning of therapy when initial changes are being made. You will see and experience much greater results coming to 10 consecutive weekly therapy appointments compared to 10 consecutive monthly appointments, and cost-wise, this is the same!

Further, what we know, based on research, is that it is most effective to be seen weekly. With this pace, you can get through treatment quicker than spaced out appointments, and we can more effectively and appropriately address past and ongoing problems while helping you learn pivotal skills to reduce the mood symptoms you are experiencing and the reason you are seeking therapy (anxiety, depression, etc.).

You come to therapy because you want results, you want change. Don’t shortchange yourself by not putting in the required effort, canceling appointments, or not attending at a frequency that is going to produce results.

To put it simply, appointments spaced out too far may be somewhat helpful, but you are shortchanging yourself and at the same, wasting time and money.

The Initial “I Feel Better” Effect

It is also common for many people to feel better after making their first therapy appointment, and especially after attending the first 1 to 2 sessions. This is because the very act of seeking help has the effect of making a person feel better. Knowing you are being proactive and seeking the help of professionals can feel rewarding and like a step in the right direction.

While this feeling is genuine, there is often still much more “work” to be done. If this happens, we encourage you to speak with your therapist to get a realistic understanding of why it is likely not helpful for you to terminate services and moreover, why it is important to continuing attending therapy sessions. After all, the reasons for which you seek therapy likely did not occur in a one to two week timeframe; likewise, it takes more time than that to make genuine, lasting changes in your life.

When clients attend only 1 to 2 sessions (against our clinical recommendations) and then decide they are feeling better and would like to terminate therapy, it is most common that we will hear back from these clients a short while later telling us they realized the changes they initially felt were short-term and that we didn’t even scratch the surface of their difficulties. This is because by the time most people come in for therapy, they have been dealing with their problems for sometime. One or two sessions is not nearly effective at having a person look inwards and resolve deeper underlying difficulties. To do so requires more time and harder work than a couple of sessions can possibly accomplish.

If you are going to pursue therapy, get the most out of it possible. This means put in effort and stick with it. Get the most value from your time and money. Get maximum results.

Our commitment to you

Tampa Therapy is committed to the care we provide to clients. This is our foremost priority and the reason why the practice was established. This means that we prioritize our clients having a successful and positive experience in therapy. To us, this means helping our clients to get to the bottom of their problems so they can obtain long-term positive change in their life.

We know that your commitment to the therapy process by attending appointments consistently and at the recommended frequency are key to your success.


At Tampa Therapy, we are truly here to help and support you on your journey to living a better life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Whatever the reason, give us a call.  Remember, there are many reasons why people seek therapy. Professional mental health assistance can greatly benefit you in many ways, including making important changes in your life.

We are committed to providing therapy and counseling services in a comfortable, relaxing, encouraging, and non-judgmental environment to yield the most realistic and best outcomes.  Give us a call or email us today to schedule an appointment.


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