Tampa Therapy primarily specializes in depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and couples work. The interesting thing is that depression and anxiety, in addition to the reason couples often seek therapy, are often related to other areas that people are able to more readily identify. These other problems are usually the reasons why people call us for services in the first place.

Reasons People Seek Our Services

“These” may include challenges with self-esteem, confidence, relationship dissatisfaction/confusion/hurt, work dissatisfaction, feelings of stagnation, and many, many other struggles. While there are many people who do feel depressed and/or anxious and can readily identify that, some people simply don’t. They just have identifiable struggles happening in their life that they want to work on. However, in many cases, these struggles are highly related to depression and/or anxiety. That is because so many of our life challenges go back to either feeling sad or nervous. In such cases, it is more likely that the person is probably experiencing some symptoms of one or both of these mental health disorders, but not to the extent where it is impacting their functioning, or even to where they recognize it.

We have talked about this topic before, and that is high-functioning depression. As a reminder, high-functioning depression simply means the person is able to live their life, maintain moderate levels of productivity, and that by most standards, they do not appear to be depressed. However, on the inside, they are struggling. And then, as we described above, there are those who don’t even realize they themselves are feeling depressed or anxious as their symptoms are usually at the mild level and they may not even know that what they are experiencing has a name.

This is not to say that all people (and especially those who seek therapy) must have depression or anxiety, though by and large, these are the most common mental health struggles and every person at one point in their life will experience the symptoms of these. So that leads us to the third category: those who aren’t high or low-functioning with mental health struggles, but rather people who don’t meet the criteria for either diagnosis and simply have situational problems in their life they need help with. We work with plenty of people who fit into this category, as well!

Our Specialization

So though we specialize in the above-named areas, in all actuality, at Tampa Therapy we treat much more than depression, anxiety, trauma, and PTSD. This is primarily because these disorders capture many different types of problem areas or struggles. We are not a generalist practice by any means and we take great pride in the ability to specialize, as it allows us to focus our work in our specialized areas, which means our therapists are incredibly talented at helping people who come to us!


If you are struggling with anything related to depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, or relationship challenges, we can help. Whatever the reason, give us a call or send us an email. Remember, there are many reasons why people seek therapy. Professional mental health assistance can greatly benefit you in many ways, including making important changes in your life.

We are committed to providing therapy and counseling services in a comfortable, relaxing, encouraging, and non-judgmental environment to yield the most realistic and best outcomes.  Give us a call or email us today to schedule an appointment.

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