Therapists aren’t people who you “pay to pretend to care about you,” therapists are people you pay to teach you how to care for yourself.

This quote really speaks to the work that we do as clinicians. Sometimes we hear from people that they’re not interested in “paying for a friend” or something to that effect. Your therapist is not your friend. Your therapist is a professional who has training and experience in teaching others how to manage their thoughts and emotions differently, live more fulfilled, work through previous or existing experiences or challenges, and look at life from a perspective of clarity.

While some clients may develop such a deep therapeutic bond with their clinician that they describe their relationship as feeling like a friendship, it still is not. Your therapist is there to teach you how to be a better version of you. There is no denying the rapport and therapeutic relationship that develops over time, and especially given the intimate level of information and details shared with your trusted therapist.

For those who have tried therapy and connected with their therapist, there’s often no better personal expense in life. After all, therapy captures and addresses nearly every element of one’s life. It is typically engaged in to increase happiness, competency, clarity of mind, calmness, and enhance relationships and careers.

We truly can’t emphasize therapy as being anything short of a strong investment in yourself. Go into it with the right mindset, and you will get even more out of the process.


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