Betrayed Partners Group

Women’s Supportive Therapy Group

A person who discovers that a partner has been sexually deceptive faces a very difficult situation. This is especially true when the deception has happened more than once or over a long period of time.

Shock, rage, disorientation, sadness, fear, loss, anxiety, hyper vigilance, shame, self-blaming, isolation, and needing to control… these are just some of the common experiences betrayed partners can have. The pain of infidelity and deceit can seem unending.  This can cause a person to want to isolate himself or herself at the very time that support and assistance is most needed. This dramatically impairs the process of true healing from the massive trauma of repeated betrayal. Well-meaning friends and family may give advice, but it rarely takes into consideration the complex feelings and choices a person may be forced to face in this situation.  It can seem like there is no place to turn for true understanding, support and guidance.

Dr. Barbash facilitates a Tampa-based women’s supportive therapy group that brings together women dealing with this issue in a safe, confidential environment for genuine discussions and mutual support. In this group, Dr. Barbash provides professional perspective and guidance, but the main benefit comes from group members helping each other with support, strength, and insight.

Group therapy in this kind of situation can be profoundly beneficial. One of the most powerful benefits of supportive therapy groups is their ability to break through the sense of isolation that many people feel if they are just learning about or healing from a spouse’s affair. The group therapy process allows you to see other people at different stages of recovery and can get a perspective that is not possible when dealing with it alone. More importantly, you can get the support you need to get on top of your life and feel like a whole person again. I have often heard betrayed partners say they cannot imagine going through the turmoil and disruption that chronic betrayal causes without this level of deep support.

This is a closed group, which means that group members start and complete the group together. It is possible for group members to continue in the next scheduled group, however this determination will be made individually with Dr. Barbash based on your individual treatment needs and group availability.

The group sessions last 60 minutes.  The group meets on Wednesdays from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

Dr. Barbash is extensively trained and highly experienced in using a relational trauma-informed perspective which focuses on helping people deal with having been lied to and ‘gaslighted’ (made to feel responsible and crazy) so much.  This is one reason why this type of therapy group is such a valuable resource for support, insight, healing and growth during such a difficult time.

Other important information and guidelines:

  • The group meets each week for a total of 8 weeks, and each group session is 60 minutes long.
  • The cost of each 60-minute group session is $55.  This is a prepaid group, meaning that payment for participation in the group is completed prior to the group start date. Missed sessions are not refundable; this is standard practice for all types of therapy (individual and group).
  • No more than two absences are allowed. If a participant misses a third group session, they will be taken out of the current group with the option to be placed in the next group. This is to ensure that all members get the most from the group experience. Small groups rely on the presence of other group members, which means it is extremely important to the group process that all members are present for each group.
    • In the event a participant wants to terminate their participation in the current group and has completed less than 25% of the group (meaning, has attended only 1 or 2 sessions), they will be given the option to attend the next scheduled group using their prepayment for the current group plus the cost of the completed sessions (at most, $110). (Note: This can only be performed once. If a participant terminates participation in a second group, they will forfeit the remaining balance).
    • If a participant wants to terminate their participation in the current group and has attended more than 25% of the group sessions (3 or more sessions), the prepaid group fee will be forfeited with no option to be placed in the next group.       Participation in the next group will require another prepayment for the total cost of the group.
  • The total cost for the eight-week group is $440. In addition to the many benefits of group therapy, this is a huge cost savings compared to meeting with Dr. Barbash for individual therapy (eight sessions would cost $1,200).
  • If you are not an established patient, it is important and required that we meet for at least one individual session to get to know each other and determine together if this kind of group is the best resource for you at this time.  Paperwork and group prepayment will be also be completed at this meeting.
  • Confidentiality is a priority. I certainly won’t share any identifying information about any group participants with anyone else.  I also will not disclose or discuss any information about anyone else who may be a client of mine, including spouses or partners of group members.  I ask that you also do not disclose any information pertaining to the identity of other group members and that you do not discuss anything that occurs within the group therapy session outside of the group with non-group members.
  • The group does not use workbooks, assignments, or mandatory reading material.  However, members are encouraged to share resources with each other that they have found valuable.
  • It is important to arrive on time. The group will start on time, and it is important you are there when the group starts. This avoids interruptions and distractions. If you are late for any reason, please quietly come in and have a seat so as not to distract other group members and the group facilitator.
  • I encourage members to develop supportive relationships with each other outside of the group.  One benefit of this type of forum is that it is a way to form safe and meaningful connections with others in similar situations.

If you are interested in participating, please call the office at 813-474-9395 or email

We can’t emphasize how helpful this group can be for anyone who has been given such an emotionally challenging situation to deal with.  Call us today to start your journey to healing.

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